A Little About Us

We are a self-reliant services-oriented counseling firm. Our counselors have the valuable life experience to provide you with reasonable and practical solutions. Our specialized counselors are registered with BC Association of a clinical counselor. We offer valuable services in counseling and psychotherapy focusing on managing mental health conditions like depression, stress, and other emotional and psychological issues. We also treat family relationship challenges.
We understand it can be difficult for you to make appointments in person or if you are in the remote community from highly populated settlements or lacks transportation links and don’t have access to experienced counselors, we can help. You can mix both face-to-face counseling and online sessions as your preferences. We intended to assist people all over the world in their life-changing situations such as divorce, the death of dear one, retirement, and faced with the new developmental stage.


What is counseling?

Counseling is rehabilitation or a talking therapy that involves an expert therapist attending you and helping you find ways to deal with sensitive issues. Counseling includes speaking in a safe and helpful space about any challenges you have come into contact with. It allows you to find better ways to cope with your situation.
An active part in counseling allows you to spell out your situation, gain new standpoints and work on the way to change – a pleasant change. It can support you to develop intuitions, generate solutions and consider choices.

What counseling helps you with?

Taking part in counseling or talking with a counselor can help you deal with:

•    A mental health condition, such as hopelessness, nervousness, depression or eating disorders

•    A distressing physical health condition, such as infertility: incapability to carry a pregnancy to full term.

•    A challenging life event, such as grief, a relationship failure or work-related pressure

•    Challenging emotions – such as low self-worth or annoyance

•    Other numerous concerns, such as sexual identity


How Does Our Counselling work?

Counseling services at Free UR Mind are personalized to help people all over the world recognize, clarify and encompasses mental health and relationship related issues. The intent is to help you choose better options that will improve the quality of your lives.  Our professionally trained counselors are available to assist you and provide economical, private individual counseling sessions.

Free UR Mind offers you an array of specialized counseling services. Participating in our counseling sessions can help you clarify your situation and work towards change.

Our Team of counselors

Each counselor in our community is well-qualified and proficient in psychotherapy, mindset or social work, and possesses years of experience with a wide range of subjects, including relationships, families, and children. We personalized our services to meet the needs of a wide range of groups.

Who can attend counseling?

Any on between the age of 16 – 80 and facing emotional and psychological difficulties. Our counseling sessions are flexible. Our team of experts works together with individuals, including children and young people, couples and families to come up with a useful solution that makes out the strengths, insight, and knowledge of each person.

How much will it cost?

At Free UR Mind we follow the fee schedule guidelines set by BC association of clinical counsellors. We also accept motor vehicle accidents ICBC claims, WCB, victim assistance program (VAP), employee’s extended medical.

Our Mission

Here at Free UR Mind, our mission is to connect the client with their inner thoughts or visual image that is unproductive, replace it with one that is more productive and carry away their stress and help them to do well gracefully in their lives.

Long lasting treatment and positive effect

We use evident based psychotherapy treatments and effective techniques in our positive psychotherapy to enhance person's life. Our counselor helps you to lead meaningful lives and improves the encounters of love, work, and play.

Life changing effects of our counseling

With the aim of bringing a better change in your life, we create more and better opportunities for people of all ages. We help you throughout the journey of counseling as a faithful companion.

Help clients move forward

It’s common for clients to get stuck during treatment, stop progressing and go back to old ways. Happily, we have innumerable effective ways of routing stuck scenarios and helping clients move forward. We apply the follow up after treatment approach to not only make sure you are applying the new learned skills in your daily life but to provide you with the support you need to move forward usefully. Our personalized counseling services enable you to get unstuck from where you are, and help you do well in your life.


650K+ Service Clients All
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We listen and provide you with a judgment free environment. We assist to address your emotional and psychological problems like:
Anxiety; depression; Panic attacks Lack of self-esteem; Trauma and PTSD.

What is trauma?
Is an injury as a result of an experience that causes sever emotional distress and or psychological damage.
Trauma impacts a person’s physiological, emotional, physical and mental health. Not all traumatic experiences are the same, and there are different treatment strategies for the various types. These strategies help people regain balance in their life.
The main types of Trauma:
Acute Trauma;
Chronic Trauma

What is Acute Trauma?
Acute trauma is often associated with a single event: a car accident, theft, a love one’s passing, an act of violence, witnessing a violent event or any experience that threatens one’s physical or emotional safety.
A person reacting to acute trauma may exhibits any of the following symptoms:
• Panic
• Confusion
• Dissociation
• Insomnia
• Suspiciousness
• A lack of self-care
• Loss of focus or production at work or school
Acute trauma can progress into mental health illness like depression and anxiety.

What Is Chronic Trauma?
The word chronic means ongoing, so it refers to trauma that happens repeatedly. Or chronic incidents reoccur over and over and may include the following situations:
• Long term child abuse;
• Experience an impact of a war;
• Ongoing sexual abuse;
• Living within a domestically violent environment.

Symptoms of Chronic Trauma
The symptoms of chronic trauma may keep survivors trapped for an extended amount of time. Survivors of chronic trauma tends to exhibit the followings:
Reliving the event;
Avoiding situation that remind you of the event;
Having negative beliefs & feelings;
Hyperarousal: feeling tense.

Behavioral Reactions to Chronic Trauma
When a person does not receive treatment to deal with chronic trauma, he may also demonstrate any of the following behaviors:
• Sexual avoidance
• Sexual promiscuity
• Fighting
• Drug or alcohol abuse
• Unhealthy personal relationships
• Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Living with a chronic trauma requires that a person take any of the following actions:
• Attempt to survive using a variety of survival mechanisms
• Adapt to the greatest extent possible
• Attempt to minimize the impact

Because these strategies are reactive and defensive, a person suffering from chronic trauma may experience any of the following problems:

• Confusion
• Anger
• Sadness
• Anxiety
• Rage
• Over-reactions
• Misperceptions of their environment
• Impaired memories
Survivors of this kind of trauma may require much more treatment as the pain lasts much longer.
No worries, anyone who suffers from trauma can recover, and we can help